Academy of the Arts

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Academy of the Arts–Overview

The Academy of the Arts offers students who demonstrate artistic potential and abilities in Dance, Music, and Visual Arts, an in–depth exposure and education in an environment that will provide them the skills necessary for success in higher education and the workplace.  Through student conferencing in the fall, students can start their academy journey in their level 2 course of choice.  Academy students will continue their coursework sessions with their peers, but will also converse with other academy students in their pathway and with other academy students in the Academy of the Arts.  Academy student grades will be weighted as honors for level 2 courses.  VPAG, including the musical and other Dover High School productions, will also be a numeric grade for all seniors and Academy students.   The Academy presents numerous performing and presenting opportunities for community showcases, in-school lecture demonstration presentations, and invitational performance presentations in festivals, exhibitions, award programs, concerts, and tours. Masterclasses are also offered consistently throughout the year in various pathways.  

Academy of the Arts–Philosophy

1. Arts and academics supplement and complement each other.

2. Arts are necessary for a well balanced learning environment.

3. Through a study of the arts, students develop self-esteem and confidence, critical thinking and positive motivation.

4. All children have a right to an arts education as part of their basic education.

5. Educational success is the shared responsibility of the student, the family, the school and the community .

6. Technology enables education to become a more global experience.

7. The arts is an evolving and vital process–change is its life.

8. Arts help create a balanced and innovative curriculum.

Academy of the Arts–Curriculum
The program is designed to serve the intellectual, artistic and emotional needs of young people from diverse backgrounds who have a strong commitment to the arts.
The program integrates a challenging academic program with intensive training at the highest level in the creative, visual and performing arts.
Academic and arts curriculum are integrated in ways that improve skills while developing aesthetic awareness in a creative interdisciplinary setting.
In every aspect of the curriculum, the school emphasizes self-awareness, self-discipline, and personal motivation. As a result of their experiences, students learn how to think independently and take responsibility for their lives.
The program prepares students for the finest colleges, conservatories, universities and art schools.

Pathways Include: Dance Music Visual Art Electives

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