DHS Attendance Guidelines for Parents

DHS Attendance Guidelines for Parents
DHS Attendance Guidelines for Parents

Dover High School Attendance Guidelines

Tardy to School, Early Dismissals, & Absences


  • Students may be dropped off anytime between 7:00-7:25am; arrival to class after 7:25 am is considered late (tardy).  Tardies not supported by the required documentation are defined as UNEXCUSED.

  • Student pick-ups prior to 2:00pm are considered early dismissals. Early dismissals cannot be conducted over the phone for safety reasons. Early dismissals can only be executed by parent walk-in and/or parent email for student drivers over age 18; students under 18 (including student drivers) must be signed out by a parent, guardian, or emergency contact person. No early dismissals will be permitted AFTER 2:00pm.

  • When students miss school, their absences are considered unexcused until a note is presented. The note must be emailed or brought to the office within three days of the absence or the absence will remain unexcused (see below).

    Ways to Communicate: excused absence, tardy, and/or early dismissal to the school

  • A handwritten, detailed note with the student’s first and last name, the specific day and date of the absence, tardy, and/or early dismissal, reason for the absence, and contact number for the parent or guardian.

  • Electronic notes with the above information can be accepted via email at [email protected]

  • The following absence reasons are excusable: specific illness, death in the family, specific family emergency, suspension from school, religious holidays, and/or exclusion by school nurse.

  • A maximum of 12 days can be excused by parent written and/or emailed note. All of the following documentation are also excusable; professional note from a doctor, dentist, health care provider, mental health service, etc.

  • Students with chronic illnesses that will result in frequent absences should contact Attendance immediately.

    Late Arrivals & Early Out contracts

  • Contracts will be provided to students during the first week of school; only 12th grade students are eligible.
  • Students arriving later than their scheduled arrival time will be marked tardy. Students departing prior to their exit time will result in an unexcused absence for the remaining missed classes if the required documentation is not provided. Students cannot write their own excuse notes; only parent or professional notes are accepted.

What can happen if your child has too many absences or tardies?

  • Absences: School will contact home (beginning at 5 unexcused absences).

  • Guidance Counselor will contact student/parent & may refer them to the Student Intervention Team for assistance.

  • Student mentor may be assigned

  • Truancy Proceedings will begin:
    • Extracurricular privileges will be denied (may include athletics)
    • Extra time may be required
    • Students under 16 will be required to have a parent / student conference with the district’s visiting teacher
    • Students over 17 will be referred to the Dover High School attendance committee
  • Tardies: School will contact home (beginning at 5 unexcused tardies)

  • Community Service Hours Tardy Proceedings will begin:
  • 5   UE Tardies = 30 minutes                 
  • 10 UE Tardies = 60 minutes
  • 15 UE Tardies = 90 minutes
  • 20 UE Tardies= 120 minutes

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